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The Mediating Role of Vulnerability to Disease between Personality and Fear of Coronavirus

The aim of this study is to reveal the mediating effects between perceived vulnerability to disease carelessness, personality traits, and fear of coronavirus. For this purpose, a research questionnaire was created by using the scales of perceived vulnerability to disease, personality traits and fear of coronavirus to collect data. Using the data obtained, reliability and validity analysis and factor analysis were performed for each scale, respectively, using the SPSS package program. In order to test the research hypotheses, structural equation modeling was made with the help of SPSS AMOS. The obtained findings showed that the scales used in the study were reliable and valid, and the scales preserved their original factor structures. On the other hand, it was observed that the fit index values of the model established for structural equation modeling analysis were acceptable and mediating effects emerged. It was assumed that the respondents who answered the questionnaire understood the questions correctly and expressed their opinions. It is accepted that there is no meaning shift in the translation back translation process from English. In the study, the importance of taking the personality traits, the fear of illness and  perceived vulnerability to disease into consideration by healthcare providers when taking the necessary measures to ensure that individuals do not get sick, or for those who are sick to regain their health as soon as possible, especially during pandemic periods, were discussed.

perceived vulnerability to disease, personality traits, fear of coronavirus


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