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Poverty Definitions through Children's Eyes

Poverty can be expressed as the inability to meet basic needs required by the minimum living standard. Results obtained from researches indicate that poverty has been a problem that must be solved not only for developing countries but also for the developed countries which have relatively high share of social spending. Poverty is important because it cut off children’s opportunities they need in terms of live, growth and development. When child poverty is taken into account, it not only analyzed according to income level, it is analyzed according to many concepts related to children's welfare and development. Children’s access to health services, access to pre-school education, access to educational opportunities, nutrition and prevention of development plays as an important role in many variables, such as child poverty live in a good family environment. Child poverty is different from the poverty experienced by adults. The difference of child poverty is poverty affects children's lives and these affects continue in the long-term. Child poverty concept is settled through child labor, working children in the street, children driven to crime, children who need protection, child brides. Therefore child poverty continues different from adults’ poverty. It is important to investigate child poverty’s effects in depth and receipt the views of children who live in child poverty conditions to ended the child poverty. In the scope of the research, it is aimed to analyze the perception of children’s who live in poverty conditions about poverty and describe the definition of poverty from children’s views. In the research, depth interviews with 20 children whose parents apply for social assistance support to solidarity foundations and ages between 10-14 were carried out. Children were also informed and the parents provided their written consents and the attention was paid to the voluntary participation. Those who do not continue the questionnaire or the interview were not forced and the data of these participants were excluded from the evaluation. As a result of the children participating in the meeting expressed their generally the object could not get even if they wanted; computers, mobile phones, clothes, toys. Children stated that when their needs are not met, generally they feel sad and unhappy. The majority of children stated that they prefer to be soldier or police in the future. The things children want to change about themselves are; living elsewhere, not to be poor, get a better education. Under the research, the children were asked to make the definition of poverty. In this context, while the majority of children defined poverty as “not fulfilling the needs”, 41,1% of children told that poverty is “economical difficulty”.

poverty, child poverty, definitons of poverty.


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