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The Relationship of Future Academic Motivation and Hopelessness Levels of Students of Faculty of Health Sciences with the Department to Study in

The purpose of this research is to reveal the relationship of academic motivation levels, and hope/hopelessness levels of university students perceive in their way with the reason to prefer the department to study at present. The sample of the research consists of 414 students thoroughly completed the scales and selected from different faculty and departments of İstanbul Bilgi University. The scales that were used in this study are the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS), and the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS). In addition to the scales that were administered, the attendees were asked to fill out a personal information form created by the investigators. These scales and the Personal Information Form were administered in face to face interaction environment. The required analyses were conducted after the proper statistical methods determine the relationship of the variables of hope/hopelessness levels and academic motivation levels with the reasons to prefer the department to study. The significance level of all the data within the research is tested at p < 0.05 level. SPSS packaged software, and Microsoft Excel analyzed all the data collected. Besides the question of correlation level, it is also reviewed whether this relationship varies by the variables of being a scholar, order of preference for the department to study in, gender, grade and parents’ educational background. 51,9% of the students chose the department as finding the profession acceptable, 24,9% of them were directed by the family members, teachers, and school guidance service to select this unit, finally 21% of these attendees chose this department by the reasons of both finding the profession acceptable and being directed by the family members, teachers, and school guidance service. The BHS scores showed statistically significant difference in relation to the reasoning behind the choice of major. Significance was in favor of the group of subjects that found the profession most suiting. It is found the scores were taken from BHS significantly become different by the motive to prefer. The significance just militates in favor of the group who sees the profession acceptable. There are also statistically significant differences between the AMS scores regarding the reasons to prefer. The AMS point averages of the group that just considers the acceptability of the profession and the group that considers both the acceptability and guidance are found as considerably higher than the attendees who solely consider the direction. We can easily say when looking at the relationship between the points gained from BHS and AMS that a negative and statistically significant link was found between these each of two variables. The results are discussed and recommended in each relationship level.

Hopelessness level, Academic motivation, Health Sciences.


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