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The Ergonomics in the Operations among the Units of Hospitals: The Example of Sultan Hospital in Diyarbakır

The operation of hospital’s policlinic, clinic, taking a blood sample, getting results etc., its own mechanism, and the relationship of these units with each other must be correctly fictionalized. At the same time, the determination of layout plays an important role ergonomically as well as being very important in terms of receiving and providing quality services. One of the most important problems is the workflow of service units in the hospitals where they serve in the different density and have a complex physical structure every moment of the day. In hospitals, it is supposed to be detected suitable size of the residential areas for each unit by determining necessary human power and the needs of machine in accordance with the relationship of workflow among them. Thus, the medical negatives experienced in the hospital will be removed and all staff’s productivity with the ergonomic workflows which will be arranged will increase. From this point of view, it is intended to examine ergonomics from the points of workers, patients and patient’s relatives among units in the hospitals. Considering the historical developments of it, it is focused on the important of the principle of ergonomics in this examination. Later on, it is touched upon ergonomic design and the effects on users among units in hospitals. In this context, the relationships which are required to be among them and the structure of units were evaluated by taking over function between units as a perspective of Sultan Hospital. To specify the problems and hitches in this relationship, between 8th and 22nd of May at 09.00-12.00 / 13.00-17.00, a questionnaire of 12 questions was conducted to 150 users, 59 men and 91 women, who were the staff of hospital, patients and their relatives by using the technique of random sample face to face like a quinary conversation. The data obtained in SPSS 23.0 Statistical Data Analysis Program was analyzed. The diagram of workflow was manufactured towards the usage of ergonomics during designing by offering solution recommendation in the direction of analyzes for problem areas.

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The Operation between Units, Ergonomics, Hospitals


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